Monday, July 30, 2007

Free Radicals - Female Sexuality & PT 141/Bremelanotide

In part two of our discussion with Mona Lisa Chanda, McGill PhD candidate in behavioural neuroscience, about the science behind female sexuality, we talk further about the new drug PT 141/Bremelanotide. We hear a few more clips from Mona's interview with Dr. Jim Pfaus, and talk about the quantification of desire, the extent that animal models can be used to inform human sexuality, the role of therapy in addressing sexual problems, and how drug research and behavioural science research inform one another at the laboratory level.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Free Radicals - Female Sexuality

Today's show features some pretty hot n' heavy science - a discussion between Mona-Lisa Chanda, a McGill behaviour neuroscience phd student, and Dr. Jim Pfaus, a psychology professor and researcher at Concordia. The focus of the discussion is Dr. Pfaus' lab-based research on female sexual arousal and the development of a new drug, brand name Bremelanotide, that stimulates women's sex drive. This show is but an introduction to the subject - we'll be talking more in-depth on next week's show!

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Free Radicals - Environmental Chemistry

Today on Free Radicals, we talked with Chemistry doctoral students Ed Hudson and Rachid Skouta about the massive and multifold subjects of environmental chemistry and green chemistry. We've decided that this conversation, while interesting in itself, is just an introduction to a subjects that really requires a full series of shows!

A few subjects mentioned on the show:

- - the American Chemical Society
- The green chemistry revolution
- Canadian Green Chemistry Network

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Free Radicals - Food Science and Food Delicacies

On today's show, Robyn talks with food scientist Dr. Massimo Marcone, author of the recent book In Bad Taste: The Adventures and Science Behind Food Delicacies (Key Porter Books), who tells us about his world-wide travels searching out the origins and veracity of a variety of strange foods. We also talk to Hannah Hoag, Montreal science journalist about what might be becoming a food delicicacy closer to home - the North American eel.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Free Radicals - Science of Sound

Now we're getting into the swing of things with our third show. And another holiday Monday! This time it's Canada Day. We decided to celebrate with a show about the science of sound because, after all, not only does Canada have a lot of good sounds in it, but was fundamental in creating the academic field of Sound Studies.

We talk about the physics of sound and the extent of human perception of the vast and varied soundscape. Charlotte Scott, Montreal sound scholar and artist, shares a clip of one of her sound projects and talks about sound perception in different environments.

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Free Radicals - Nature Studies

Our second show!
This time on a St. Jean holiday Monday. So we went for a more pastoral theme. Or a least a nature theme. A little about the history of nature studies and a brief history of scientific observation of the natural world around us.

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Free Radicals - Math and Education

Our first show! On the topic of math!

Starting out with an interview with mathematician and educator John Mighton, we talk about his latest book The End of Ignorance: Multiplying Our Human Potential and JUMP, the math education program he founded. We also talk about math, education and turbulence theory/practice with Montreal PhD candidate Lydia Bourouiba of McGill University's Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences.

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