Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Free Radicals - Redpath Museum Science Outreach Program

It's kind of amazing that when you really start to look, science is everywhere. Well, that's what Free Radicals is about, and science being not so hard to find, especially in a town like Montreal, makes my job a bit easier. Within a stone's throw of the CKUT studios is the Redpath Musuem, one of Canada's oldest museums, located right smack in the middle of the McGill campus. This week I talk to the coordinator of the Redpath Museum's Science Outreach Program and two recent McGill science graduates who were a part of it over the past few years.

Ingrid Birker organizes activities, events and talks for anyone who's interested, whether or not you have a science background. The purpose of the program is to connect with the public and share what's going on in the sciences at McGill. Helen Bovy and Dana Murchison share some of their experiences working at the program's summer camp and being a part of the Redpath Museum Club.

A couple of upcoming Outreach events include:
- Stones and Beer Bike tours - September 13 and October 11, 2007
- Climate Change and What We Can Do About It presentation - October 14, 2007
- A series of Friday afternoon talks that run throughout the year

Another Redpath event happening September 10-14 is the Soup and Science series of lunchtime mini-lectures.

Listen to the show!

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